The Biggest Blunder

                It was the discovery of the century, a pair of Alien babies had been discovered off the coast of South America and from the looks of it, they were very fragile things not capable of surviving even the slightest fall. For this reason, they were put into the care of Dr. Tony Mars. He was the world’s top veterinarian, and though he was allergic to fur, he loved every minute of his job. No one knew for sure about his allergies, though many of his colleagues suspected it. That was precisely the reason he decided to go into business for himself…well partially. He had plans to invite his best friend Ayrton Marcos, a surgeon, to be a part of his venture, which would be dubbed: The Docs and Dogs facility. It would be like the Wal-Mart of healthcare. Not only could you get your dog a checkup, you could get one too!

                Ayrton arrived at the site of this new business venture. He really didn’t know why he was there, Tony just called him up and said be there. He hadn’t seen him in months and now he suddenly wanted him to show up at some abandoned hospital. But Ayrton didn’t know what Tony had brought to the party. Tony crept up behind Ayrton and startled him a bit. He couldn’t believe what Tony had in his arms. It looked like a hairball with legs.

                “Th-that’s that alien baby thing, right?” Ayrton said


                “Why do you have it here?”

                “I thought” Tony let out a sneeze “we’d take a quick look inside,” he said amidst another sneeze, “to see what makes them tick”.

                Ayrton assumed Tony had another cold. He has always been sickly, it was a wonder he ever got a job.

                As they walked into the abandoned hospital, Tony managed to explain this business venture of his to Ayrton amidst a multitude of sneezes and sniffles. Amazingly Ayrton agreed to be a part of this crazy plan of Tony’s. He was convinced it would work.

                They walked into the cleanest room they could find, which, for this place wasn’t saying much. There were a few chemicals left here by the other owners so Tony decided to clean off one of the surgery tables. He carefully handed the alien to Ayrton and set off cleaning the table. Tony completed one final wipe of the table, when he heard a huge thud on the ground. He whipped around and saw the alien lying on the dirty floor amidst a pool of green blood. He looked up and saw the dumbfounded look on Ayrtons’ face

                “What the heck did you just do?!” Tony screamed

                “Uhhh, I don’t really know one minute it was resting in my arms the next, it was on the ground.

                “Oh, don’t give me that crap Ayrton! You’re a surgeon for Pete’s sake; how could you not know what happened? You’re supposed to have more steady hands than mine!”

                “Whatever Tony, you’re supposed to have steady hands too! And you drop plenty of things!”

                “Oh really? Name a few!”

                “Let’s see, you dropped the ball with your ex-wife, you dro-“

                “Oh that was low Ayrton, real low. Anyways I couldn’t help myself because of my cold!”

                “You mean your allergies!” Ayrton screamed!

                “No! I mean cold!”

                “Right, because you’ve had a cold since freshman year in college?”

                Tony said nothing more, he just looked down. He admitted that he did, in fact have allergies. It almost brought him to tears to admit it.

                “I just never said anything about it, because no one would trust me with their pets anymore, my career would be ruined, but none of that matters now, because you just dropped the alien!

                “How does that change anything, Tony? I mean, the government told you to dissect it…right?”

                “Um, not exactly. I was just going to open it up and stitch it back up. They would never know I had brought it here, but now; my life will be over. They’ll make me disappear.”

                “Not if you dis-“ Ayrton stopped midsentence.  He landed on the floor, next to the alien, fast asleep. Tony quickly awakened him.

                “What the world is wrong with you? Tony inquired, genuinely concerned about his friend.

                “Alright, you aren’t the only one with a skeleton in the closet Tony. I’m a narcoleptic; have been since the year after I graduated from grad school. They would have never let me be a surgeon if they knew. That’s what’s been happening all night, that’s why I dropped that alien.” He said. He looked sadly at the ground and the alien, and returned his glance to Tony.

                They both stood there in the abandoned hospital room wondering what this dead alien would mean for them. They thought of every possible way to hide it. They thought about throwing it in a ditch, feeding it to some dogs, or even burning it. But in the end, they decided that they had already had enough of keeping secrets. It was high time for all the truths to be revealed.

                Tony grabbed a couple of dirty towels from the room, used some of the old chemicals that the former owners left behind, and wiped up the blood pool. Ayrton gently picked up the alien and placed his lifeless body on the counter. As they walked out of the hospital, dead alien in hand, they looked at each other with remorseful looks. But there was another look on their faces too. A look of relief.


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