180 days. It had been 180 days since the quarantine went into effect and finally, it was lifted. The virus that had devastated the country had finally gotten to a manageable level and people were slowly starting to step foot outside. The state had been locked down due to a novel coronavirus outbreak. Few had expected that it would become as much of a problem as it did, but skepticism didn’t stop the quick spread of the coronavirus. Kameron had been relatively calm throughout it all. He had a few bouts of anxiety but knew that the stay-at-home orders had been for the best. In truth, he was more nervous of the aftermath.

            His job had suffered major blows but, somehow, managed to keep everybody employed throughout the pandemic. As he scanned his keycard to get into his office on that early May morning, though, his worst fear seemed to be coming true. His manager, Tony, was standing in the office.

            “Kameron, why don’t you have a seat. Can we talk?

            “Sure,” Kameron replied. He was almost certain of what was coming

            “Well, first, I want to welcome you back to the building. We’re so excited to be able to use the offices again. You know, being able to stay home all day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be,” he chuckled.

            Kameron nodded in agreement as a smirk flashed quickly across his face.

            “But, Kameron, I have to be completely honest with you right now. The company has suffered major losses as a result of this. As such, the company has decided to cut about 1200 positions…and it really pains me to tell you that one of those positions is yours.”

            Kameron dropped his head. “I should have seen this coming; I really should have. You guys did a great job at keeping all of us afloat during the situation, but I wished we’d had some foresight,” He said.

            Kameron rubbed his bald head and stood up, preparing to leave the office. He saw a silver lining. At least all his office belongings were already at home. But how much longer was that home going to be his. The company had sent out their last paycheck for the period last week. Kameron would get a small 1-week check as part of this, but one week was not enough to cover him for June’s rent. He headed to the elevator and waited for it to arrive to take him to the first floor of the building so he could make his way home. As he waited, he saw his despondent looking face staring back at him from the mirrors that lined the elevator doors. Pitiful, he thought.

            He arrived back at his tiny, overpriced studio apartment, and immediately started job searching. But no matter where he searched, it seemed that no job was going to be pay enough to help him support himself.

            Kameron put in at least twenty applications that evening. He didn’t even think about eating that night. That next morning, he did the same. No job was offering the stability or the pay he needed to make it in Denver.

            For weeks, he scoured through job boards, hoping that the right thing would present itself or he would find it. But come June 3rd he didn’t. He heard rustling outside of his apartment door. He heard the rip of the tape from the tape holder and the soft rubbing of a thumb on the wooden door. He cried, he screamed, he yelled at whatever being was there to hear him. But when he opened his apartment door, there it was a demand for rent.

            He knew there was no point fighting it. He knew nothing would be resolved, even if he managed to find the job of his dreams. So, he started his packing. Everything had to be wrapped up and ready to go. Georgia, his birth home, was finally pulling him back. He had loved just about everything about Colorado, the scenery the people, the atmosphere. But it seems it just didn’t love him.


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