Month: January 2021

The Blood of the Innocents

The streets cry with the blood of the innocent,” my mother said. It was one of her favorite sayings, and to this day, I can’t forget it, especially with what happened to me the other day. I was walking down the street, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a specter…or at least what I thought was a specter.  When I tried to look it in the face, it disappeared. So, I decided to continue walking through the streets and with every step, I hoped that the specter did not return.

The minutes passed, closer and closer to the hour of the witch. And still, I was not home; My mother had warned me about this exact situation, but it seemed that it didn’t matter how fast I walked, the street seemed to grow longer. Longer and longer, it grew, and me? I was looking at the ground, hoping that the specter didn’t see me walking. Suddenly, right in front of me, a figure appeared like a giant in the forest, and it disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. It disappeared so quickly in fact that, for a few minutes I was unsure whether or not it actually existed.

Eventually, with one step in front of the other, I made it home. When I entered, my house wasn’t the same. The chairs had moved, and the room was organized differently than before. Despite this, I continued with my night.

I slept. I slept well. So well, in fact that I was unbothered by what was happening. My dreams, however, would not let me forget the specter in the street. I stared at this thang that had plagued me, and I could not identify it. Was it someone I knew? Was it a stranger? I did not know the answer to these questions, and it did not matter…the specter engulfed me. When all had become darkness, I awakened in my bedroom.

As I opened the door to leave my room, I found myself staring directly in the face of the specter…this thing that had plagued me for days. I finally understood why I could not recognize it. The specter was not a singular thing, no, it was a mixture of many things. The sins of our government, the abandoned, the people that only wanted to survive.; The forgotten, the dejected or in other words, the innocent. Finally, I understood, I too, was one of them.