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Dinner for Two

Days of anticipation, waiting, and coordination had finally led to this: a dinner. To Darren, though, this wasn’t just any dinner. It was a dinner with Tereus, though nearly everyone in their office except Darren called him Terry. On that brisk Monday evening at their office, Tereus came strutting up to Darren in six-inch, black… Continue Reading →

The Human at the Edge of My Yard

Today, I saw a human at the edge of my yard. They seemed strange and stared listlessly at the house my human moved us to. I barked, and I barked, and for my efforts, I received a scolding and some time in that dreaded cage I hate so much. Night came, and the human appeared… Continue Reading →


It’s been a long while since i’ve posted on this blog. But for any consistent readers, I’ve been working on a few other projects. Specifically, I’ve had a series of short stories published in OFM (OUT FRONT Magazine), and if you have time to read them, that would be great! Just head on over to… Continue Reading →

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