The Biggest Blunder

                It was the discovery of the century, a pair of Alien babies had been discovered off the coast of South America and from the looks of it, they were very fragile things not capable of surviving even the slightest fall. For this reason, they were put into the care of Dr. Tony Mars. He... Continue Reading →

Gamer Built

“6’6”, 245, musclebound,” the doctor said. “Seems you’re ready.” Andrew stepped off the scale and looked at the doctor. The New Orleans CyberStalkers will be lucky to have you. “Yeah, I’ll bet,” Andrew said. He grabbed his shirt and stretched it over his wide frame. “Don’t look so down Andrew. You’ll be making millions in... Continue Reading →

Brass Knuckles

Piles of bills were stuffed in the mailbox in front of Dale Levid’s home. He shuddered at the embarrassment of it. He knew that he should have opened them and at least tried to pay them, but, his savings had run out. But, bills were the last thing on his mind. He’d gone through the... Continue Reading →

The Jorgensons

It was Stef and Graf’s first trip as a married couple. They had decided not to take their honeymoon directly after the wedding two years ago in favor of getting a house and taking a bigger trip later. They had booked this spectacular cruise for themselves, equipped with everything a traveler could want. Total cost?... Continue Reading →

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